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Representatives of UIAA member federations at the 2015 Annual General Assembly in Flagstaff, Arizona (Photo: UIAA


The UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation does not accept individual memberships. Only national climbing and mountaineering associations are eligible to join the UIAA as Active Members. For each country, only one mountaineering association has the full right of vote at the annual General Assembly. More than one mountaineering association from a country can become an Associate Member without voting rights except on financial matters provided they are of national or relevant regional importance. A decision on the admission of such associations will only be made after consultation with the member association with the voting rights of the relevant country and having due regard to that association's comments. The UIAA also has Observer Members who do not have the right to vote but are eligible to participate in certain services such as the Training Standards training courses for an additional fee.


Member organizations become part of a global organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee. They are united by their passion for climbing and mountaineering and a commitment to improve all aspects of the sport including health, equipment, safety, competition climbing, access and the preservation of the mountain environment. 

More specifically, member federations are:

  • Eligible for subsidized access to the popular UIAA Training Qualification Labels for leaders and instructors in climbing, mountaineering, ski-mountaineering and hill-walking. Observer Members who do not have the right to vote are eligible to participate in Training Qualification Labels courses after payment of an additional fee of 800 Swiss Francs (CHF) on top of the usual course fee. This additional fee is not applicable to Active and Associate Members 
  • Can send athletes to compete in the UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour and the UIAA World Youth Ice Climbing Championships.
  • Participate in the work of developing international standards, as has been set in our UIAA Safety Label that signifies the highest standards for climbing and mountaineering gear.
  • Members can send participants to subsidized UIAA Global Youth Summit climbing and mountaineering events around the world.
  • Sit on UIAA Commissions that work year-round on Safety, Access, Ice Climbing, Mountain Protection, Anti-Doping, Medical and Youth issues.


Membership fees are on a sliding scale and calculated based on the number of members that belong to a federation. The minimum fee for 0-300 members is 1,300 Swiss Francs while the maximum for the federation with about 1 million members is approximately 23,000 Swiss Francs. In general matters, members are entitled to have 1 (one) vote but on financial, membership and admission issues, voting rights are calculated based on the number of members per federation.

To apply to become a member, please send the following information to the UIAA office:

  • A complete and signed application form 
  • Proof that your association has existed for at least two years (for example audited accounts, published annual reports etc).
  • A deposit of 500 Swiss francs.

For more information please read the following two documents:

For further information, please email