2016 UIAA General Assembly Brixen, Italy


The 2016 UIAA General Assembly will be hosted by Alpenverein Südtirol in Brixen-Südtirol, Italy. The event will take place during the International Mountain Summit.

 Please save the following dates:

Wednesday, October 12th   Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, October 13th   Management Committee Meeting 

Friday, October 14th Visiting and Lecture Programme

Saturday, October 15th   UIAA General Assembly 2016

Sunday, October 16th   Outdoor Hiking Day
The full programme can be downloaded here.

Note: Since the 2016 UIAA General Assembly is being held during the IMS International Mountain Summit (Forum Brixen) you will get the chance to participate each evening at the IMS congresses and round tables. Each evening during the IMS, topics regarding the world of mountains are discussed and analyzed. Internationally renowned personalities, top mountaineers, decision makers in alpinism and inspiring minds exchange their ideas and opinions. Each one of those speakers, in one way or another, has to tell an amazing story which will take you on a breathtaking trip between rock towers and slopes. The IMS evenings are accompanied by delicious food, great music and an easygoing atmosphere. A Mountain Festival full of Emotions! Entry to each evening's IMS programme costs 20 EUR per person.

Registration details were sent to member federations in early July.
Welcome Message from the IMS and the UIAA:

Welcome to Sudtirol: