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The annual General Assembly makes the decisions concerning the UIAA’s role, its activities and its budget. It also elects the President, the Executive Board and members of the Management Committee.

Executive Board
: The board is elected for a four-year period and consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary General, Treasurer and three other members. Together they carry out the decisions made by the General Assembly, control finances and supervise the commissions and the office staff.

Management Committee: Members are elected for a four-year period and consists of the Executive Board, representatives from the five largest member associations, one representative from each continent and three to five representatives elected by the General Assembly. It makes recommendations to the General Assembly on matters such as budgets and admission/expulsion of member associations. In addition it creates, oversees the work of commissions, assigns them responsibilities and has the power to dissolve commissions.
Commissions: The work of the UIAA is conducted through the work of its commissions which consist of members who volunteer their expertise in a particular field of mountaineering. The commissions are: Access, Medical, Mountain Protection, Mountaineering, Safety, Youth, Ice Climbing and Anti Doping. Their work includes managing Training Standards, the Safety Label, the Mountain Protection Award, Global Youth Summit, UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup Tour and issues relating to access, mountain medicine and anti-doping.

The UIAA Court decides in conflicts of competence and other possible disputes between the UIAA, its members and bodies.
Continental Organisations: The UIAA recognizes two continental organisations in Latin America and Asia. In Latin America, the UIAA has recognised the Pan-American Union of Mountaineering and Climbing (UPAME) and in Asia, the UIAA has recognised the Union of Asian Alpine Associations, (UAAA)
Staff: The work of the UIAA is supported by a secretariat located in Bern, Switzerland. To reach the office please email